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Door Shield / Snib Grade


Door Shield / Snib Grade

P/N: GG-000025
Unit: Each


P/N: GG-000024
Unit: Pair (X2)
Finishes: Black ONLY

Bug Seal / Weather Stripping

Sizes: 16mm (GG-000022), 28mm (GG-000023)
Unit: By the meter

Sliding Door Roller

P/N: GG-000021
Unit: Each
Load Rating: 25Kg

Flyscreen Swivel Clamps

P/N: GG-000018
Unit: Lots of 10
Finishes: Clear ONLY

Austral Hinged Door Closer

P/N: GG-000016
Unit: Each

  • Robust and sturdy all metal construction
  • Adjustable closing speed


  • Black ONLY

Pet Doors - Petway

Sizes: Large 400X260mm (GG-000013), Medium 305X225mm (GG-000014), Small 240X190mm (GG-000015)
Unit: Each
Finishes: Black ONLY

Finger Pull for Flyscreen

P/N: GG-000003
Unit: Piece
Finishes: Black ONLY

Dapa Foam Spline

Sizes: 5.7mm (GC-000001), 6.0mm (GG-000002)
Unit: by the meter

  • Spline is used to hold mesh of varying materials into window or door screens
  • One size will work for several different spline grooves
  • Flexibility and durability allows spline to be easily inserted into the spline groove and allows easy cornering
  • UV resistant for superior durability
  • Made from 100% virgin materials
  • Will not absorb water
  • Remains consistent in both size and flexibility and is unaffected by seasonal weather changes